Our easy to use online questionnaire will take you through the various questions that need to be answered in order to start the process. You can find out if you qualify in a few minutes. We suggest that you have copies of the following documents to hand when completing the questionnaire: • Your V5C registration document; • Any invoices for the purchase (and sale) of your car; • Any leasing or finance documents relating to the car; • Any correspondence you may have been sent about the problems with your car including the document inviting you to have a technical “fix” applied to your car. Once you have submitted your online form, your claim will be allocated to one of our lawyers to confirm that you qualify and we will be in touch about next steps.
In the event that the claim is unsuccessful then you will recover no money. You will not, however, have to pay us anything. We have agreed to cover any sums you become liable to pay the defendants (for example, their costs and expenses if the claim is unsuccessful). This means that you will not have to pay for any costs of the opponent if your claim is not successful (unless you have told us something untrue or otherwise misled us about your claim). The indemnity covers you fully, although we may decide to obtain insurance later in the case instead of, or in addition to, the indemnity, to protect the claimant group.
If you purchased your car before 1 June 2008 then you do not qualify. If you purchased after 1 June 2008, the date on which you purchased the car may prevent you from bringing a claim, or from bringing certain of the available claims, but that will depend on a number of factors, including whether you purchased the car outright or on finance and the manufacturer of the car. Our online form will allow you to provide the necessary details. We will then review your claim and, if you are out of time to bring a claim, we will let you know.
You can still bring a claim. The date of your last payment under the finance agreement may inform which types of claim you can bring, and you should (if possible) submit that information using our online questionnaire. You must continue to meet any outstanding finance obligations.
Our online form will ask you about the losses that you have suffered. Please provide us with as much information as you are able to about your own losses, including any complaints that you made at the time, and upload any supporting documents that you have. This will help our team assess the value of your claim and submit information to the court.
You can still bring a claim. We do not consider that the “fixes” applied by the manufacturers are likely to affect your claim for compensation. Many customers who had the “fix” applied have reported negative effects on the performance of their car and fuel economy, or have had other problems with their car following the “fix” When you submit your claim you should (if possible) provide copies of any letters you have received relating to the ‘fix’ including the letter inviting you to have the “fix” applied.
The claims you can bring will depend on your personal circumstances, but, generally, potential claims relate to breaches of contract, breach of regulations and legislation in force at the time and specific breaches of consumer protection legislation. We also consider there are claims against Volkswagen and Audi for fraud and dishonesty because they deliberately set out to cheat the system and misled regulators and customers about this. Our online questionnaire asks specific questions about whether you to wish to bring those claims.
Please complete our online form providing as much detail about your car as you can. Our team may be able to assist you in obtaining copies of paperwork from third parties. Please be aware, however, that, in some circumstances where key paperwork is missing, then we may not be able to progress your claim. We will need you to provide documentation evidencing your ownership of the car and your identity as a minimum requirement to register.
It does not matter if you did not have the ‘fix’ applied to your car. You can still bring a claim for compensation.
It is highly unlikely. In a large group action a very small number of claimants may be selected as “lead claimants” to provide evidence to the court. If the circumstances of your claim meant that we might consider you for that role, then we would talk to you about it first and ask you to consider whether you might be willing to become a “lead claimant”. There is a very small possibility that you would be identified as a “lead claimant” by the defendants and, if that were to happen, then you may have to attend court to answer questions about your case.
Unfortunately, if you bought your car through a limited company you will not qualify for our claim. There may be other solicitors who may be able to help you. If you bought your car through a sole trader business or a partnership business then you should be able to join our claim. We would suggest that you complete our online form to register your details. If you are not sure which category you fall into then please use our web chat facility so that one of our team can help work out whether you are able to join our claim. If you have a car funded by your company but purchased in your name through a lease or finance agreement then you should also still be able claim and we would suggest that you complete our online form to find out whether you are eligible to join our group.
The claim only relates to cars with a 1.2l, 1.6l or 2.0l diesel engine manufactured by Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat. Unfortunately, if you have a car with a different engine size, e.g. a 3.0l car, or a car with a petrol engine, you will not be able to join this claim. If you received a letter inviting you to take your car to a garage to have a technical “fix” applied then you are likely to have an affected car. If you didn’t receive one of these letters, or you can’t remember whether you did, then you may still qualify and we would suggest that you fill in our online form so that we can check this for you. If you are not sure whether your car qualifies we would suggest that you complete our online form which will let us tell you whether your car does qualify.
You will not have to pay anything up front. We will conduct the litigation for you under a no win no fee agreement, such that fees will only be payable if you are successful in your claim and are awarded damages. Our fees will be deducted from your damages. If you do not win your claim then you will not be liable to pay anything (except where you have told us something untrue or otherwise misled us about your claim). If you are successful, 45% (including VAT) of your damages will be deducted by us plus certain expenses. This deduction will be made from the monies that we receive from the defendants before anything is paid to you. You will not be required to make any additional payment to us.
No we are only acting on behalf of claimants who purchased their cars in England and Wales. There may be other solicitors who will be able to help if you purchased your car outside of England and Wales and have been affected by this issue but, unfortunately, we cannot do so.
The answer to that depends on a number of factors and will depend upon the view the court takes. It could be several hundred pounds, but we think it more likely to be several thousand pounds. These factors might include, for example: Which brand and model of car your claim relates to; • Whether you purchased your car outright or on finance; and • The date you acquired your car. There have been no findings in the UK yet. The defendants have however settled customer claims in the United States and Australia.
It makes no difference. You can still bring a claim.
After we have received the information you have submitted and assessed your claim, we will be in touch and will provide regular updates through our online portal. If we need to contact you to ask a question about your claim, or about the specific circumstances of your claim, our team will send you a message through our online portal. Don’t worry if you do not hear from us for a while, we will only contact you when it is necessary or when we have an update for you.
The length of time it takes to resolve a substantial claim such as this is unpredictable and depends on the approach taken by the defendants. The best estimate we can presently give is that if the claim is contested to trial we would expect it to be concluded within approximately three years. If the defendants chose to settle the claims, they could be concluded more quickly.
Our advice would be to fill out the online questionnaire and we will tell you if you have a claim, but generally, you are unlikely to qualify unless you have a car which: • Is affected by this issue (a letter may have been received from your manufacturer to tell you if that is the case); • Was purchased or leased in England and Wales; • Was purchased or leased after 1 June 2008 and before 31 October 2015; and • Was purchased or leased by you as an individual, small trader or through a partnership. Unfortunately, if you acquired your car through a limited company then you will not be able to join our claim. You may still have a claim in these circumstances and another firm of solicitors may be able to help you with that, but you will not be able to join this particular group claim.
To obtain the financial compensation to which we believe you are entitled: it is alleged that a “defeat device” was deliberately installed into certain diesel engines to cheat the emissions testing regime in order to sell cars which harmed the environment and which were not fit or lawful to be driven on UK roads. It is alleged that the manufacturer defendants deliberately misled both their regulators and their customers and set out to cheat the system to make more money. Secondly, because very large companies should not be allowed to cheat the system and their customers and deliberately harm the environment to make more money. They should be held to account. Consumers should be able to put their trust in big brands like Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat.
Yes. A group action is already underway in the English High Court against a number of members of the Volkswagen Group, including Audi, Seat and Skoda, and other parties, such as authorised dealerships, involving approximately 100,000 claimants. The period for joining that particular claim closed last year. We are determined that the tens of thousands of other affected individuals do not miss out, which is why we are starting a new group action. If you have already joined the previous High Court proceedings in respect of the same car(s) then you will not also be able to join our claim.
We very much hope so and suggest that you complete our online form. We will then be able to tell you if you qualify to join our claim.
Yes. Although there is no guarantee that the claim will succeed, we believe that there are good prospects of success. We would not be pursuing the case for you if we did not think that was the case.